Aquao3zone Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What is the price?

Please contact your closest branch for a price. Please note that the retail price may vary occasionally between distributors in different areas, as distributors may at their own discretion run sales promotions from time to time. Furthermore, please note that certain distributors also sell an extended warranty which would increase the sales price of the product.

Where and how often should I service my machine?

To enjoy the full benefits of your Aqua Ozone machine and to maintain the validity of your warranty, your unit needs to be serviced on an annual basis at any of the selected branches in South Africa or Namibia.

Where can I get hold of parts such as the mat, pipe, etc.?

Contact Wasiela at our head office on +27 21 590 8500 or email

What if there is no agent in my area, or I can’t get hold of an agent?

Contact the head office or fill in the contact form online and we will gladly put you in contact with a relevant agent.

Does the machine have a warranty and what is the validity?

Yes, your machine is accompanied by a 12-month warranty plus a promotional lifetime warranty on the motor, provided it’s serviced annually.

What is the return policy?

The Aqua Ozone machine is a hygienic product and once opened, it cannot be returned. However, based on the regulations in the consumer protection act, a consumer has 5 days to cancel their purchase and return the product. If a consumer cancels their purchase within 5 days, the supplier of the product has the right to claim or off-set any costs that would be incurred to restore the product to a saleable state. This would include but is not limited to the replacement of the therapeutic mat, cushion, pipe and aromatherapy oils.

Where can I purchase the House of Oils essential bath oils?

South African clients can contact Wasiela at our head office on 021 590 8500 or

Namibian clients can contact the head office in Windhoek on 061 423 350 or

Is your product safe and credible?

The Aqua Ozone Elite is manufactured according to the highest safety standards and has a letter of Authority from the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) in accordance with IEC 60 335-2-60 Standards for Electrical Appliances. These are experts who participate in the technical and conformity assessments of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). We have tests to prove safe amounts of Ozone are created for therapeutic use from Consulting Engineers cc, who determine the concentration of Ozone emitted. We are also proud to advise that our manufacturing process for the Aqua Ozone Elite is ISO 9001 compliant.

Is Aqua Ozone Elite easy to use, and how long does it take to assemble?

Aqua Ozone Elite has been designed to be assembled in less than 30 seconds. In fact, it takes longer to run your bath than to prepare your ozone machine for use.

What are the different ways to use the Aqua Ozone Machine?

  1. Hydrotherapy in a bath or shower
  2. Dry therapy
  3. Purifying the air in a room

What is the advised length of an Aqua Ozone therapy session?

The advised duration is to use your machine for a maximum of one 20-minute session within an 8-hour period. Your Aqua Ozone machine allows you to select your duration which can either be a 5-, 10-, or 20-minute session. Kindly refer to your information booklet for more information.

Are there any serious side effects?

There are no harmful side effects. Ozone acts as a natural detoxifying agent which will cleanse your body but may cause drowsiness during your first few sessions. This is normal as it’s your body’s way of responding to positive change, just as you might feel light-headed after going for a long run for the first time in a while. Your body will get used to this change and any effects that you experience at the beginning should fall away and normalize over time.

During a dry therapy session, my skin becomes increasingly warm. Is this normal?

It is normal for the ozone machine to blow out hot air, as this prevents the water from going cold too quickly when the machine is used in the bath. If you are lying directly on the mat and the air is too hot, you can place the mat beside yourself under the blanket, so that it creates an ozone vacuum which will result in a similar treatment.

I read somewhere that the human body has less oxygen in our cells now than in the past. Why is that?

Medical research has proven that (about 50 years ago) the cellular oxygen level in our bodies was as high as 45%. Approximately 90% of the body’s biochemical processes involve the use of oxygen. Professor Otto Warburg, a world-renowned oncologist and twice Nobel Prize laureate for medicine, proved that one is more susceptible to cancer if cellular oxygen levels drop below 40%. Cellular oxygen levels currently range between 12% and 17%.

What is Ozone?

The oxygen molecule is lighter than the surrounding air, so it rises up into the atmosphere. Once these oxygen molecules have reached between 20km to 30km high, the sun’s ultraviolet rays convert the oxygen into ozone (O3). This “super oxygen” then descends toward earth again. On its journey down, the ozone molecules destroy toxic elements and pollutants, and neutralises pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Ozone is nature’s most powerful disinfectant and purifier; it kills bacteria 3000 times faster than chlorine. This natural disinfectant has numerous health benefits for us, but less oxygen is being converted into ozone in our modern world, so we are not gaining as much of the benefits of ozone as we once were.

Why are higher levels of oxygen so important?

Professor Warburg, of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin, proved that cancer cells cannot proliferate in a high-oxygen environment. His research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal oxygen requirement it enters an anaerobic state and higher-level functions of the cell are shut down, making the cells more susceptible to cancers and viruses. In addition, the research demonstrated that cancer tumours reduced in size in high-oxygen environments.

Can I take my Aqua Ozone Elite away on holiday with me?

Yes, the Aqua Ozone machine was specially designed for mobile use.

Will Aqua Ozone Elite help my stress lifestyle?

Yes, it will – stress relief is one of the main benefits of using our Aqua Ozone machine.

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